Reverend Arlene Goldman Performs Custom Wedding Ceremonies in Los Angeles, California  
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Los Angeles Wedding Officiant
Reverend Arlene Goldman

I have a humble Midwestern background. My search for meaning and wholeness brought me to yoga and meditation, which I have practiced my entire adult life. I have led and conducted inspirational and devotional services for over 15 years. I am an ordained non-denominational interfaith minister and wedding officiant. And although I have had the pleasure of performing hundreds and hundreds of wedding ceremonies, I always feel the grace to be in that sacred space with a couple as they pledge their love and seal their promises to each other.

Wedding at Brandeis – Bardin University in Simi Valley, CA

As your Los Angeles wedding officiant I can create a tender, touching, and personal wedding ceremony where your heart feels at home.

Wedding Ceremony in Los Angeles, California

"... I am so glad that you were there
in helping make our special day even more special.
You made the day perfect."
- Colette & Andrew Chinigo

I have been married to Paul since 1972 and in 2012 we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, even though I’m not as old as that sounds! And I have to say, Paul’s still my boyfriend even after all these years. We have two grown children and in January of 2006, I had the pleasure of officiating my daughter’s wedding and in May of 2008 I had the pleasure of officiating my son’s wedding. So having also been the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom, I know what my brides and my grooms are going through!

Try to remember to focus on the purpose of this day, the celebration of your love and your beloved. Enjoy your day and let’s
make it fun!

Los Angeles, California Wedding Ceremony with Reverend Arlene Goldman

“...The comments about your ceremony were the most beautiful
of any of the comments we received... The guests were so impressed with your style...You were incredible.
It was sincere, heartfelt and perfectly delivered..."
- Jo-Ann & Sterling White

Wedding at Alper JCC in LongBeach, California by Reverend Arlene Goldman

As a non-denominational interfaith minister and wedding officiant in Los Angeles, it is my pleasure to perform non-denominational interfaith weddings. Do you prefer a spiritual wedding ceremony, a religious wedding ceremony or a civil ceremony? I can design your ceremony whatever way you prefer.

I am happy to perform LGBT wedding ceremonies and vow renewal ceremonies. Please call 310-962-6265 to discuss your vision of your wedding ceremony. Need a vision? Call and we'll create a vision together! I perform wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles County.

Reverend Arlene Goldman

“I have to tell you how many people have complimented us
on the beautiful ceremony...
[and] how spiritual and personal each of your words were...”
– Melissa & Nick Centofanti

Reverend Arlene Goldman
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an intercultural or interfaith ceremony?

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Wedding at Villa Mara in Malibu, California

"May you be showered in blessings of
 light and love"

Whittier Country Club Wedding in Whittier, CA

Married at Casa Oceana in Malibu, CA by Reverend Arlene

Dramatic Wedding Vows in California

Married at Malibu Beach Bluffs by Reverend Arlene Goldman in California

Custom California Wedding Ceremony


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